Whole Body Vibration Personal Training

A 20 minute workout for busy people equates to 
90 minutes of conventional training!!


Our classes can only fit a limited amount of people and they fill up fast. So act now whilst there's still room


The benefits of WBV advanced technology are considerable. It is scientific evidenced and acceptance is adhered to by many major medical, rehabilitation and therapeutic centres across Australia and around the world. The CVC100 is one of the few TGA approved WBV machines in Australia, passing rigorous testing protocol and ensuring that you are training on a machine that is of the highest quality, offering you the correct level of muscular stimulation. It can enhance an individual’s general wellbeing and quality of life, regardless of age, medical, neurological or physical condition.

Accelerates weight loss

Increases flexibility and range of motion

Reduces appearance of cellulite

Improves collagen production

Activates blood circulation

Core Strength & Stability

Fast muscle toning

Increases muscle strength and performance

Rehabilitates injuries

Increases bone density

Improved circulation

Fall Prevention

Here's what others have to say

A few kind words from our clients

Bernadette Carter

I wanted to get back into fitness but did not want the traditional gym environment. At Gravity Zone, I work out in short bursts with high intensity and that has been really easy to maintain in my busy schedule. I have lost 10kg so far and my overall health and stress levels

have improved dramatically. The short sessions are so easy to commit to and the food nights have taught me that healthy food does not need to be boring. Highly recommended!

Bernadette Carter

Christina Fiacconi

As a mother with a very demanding job, the ’20 minutes express workout’ of Gravity Zone Full Body Vibration Training advertised on a magazine attracted my attention immediately. It was hard to believe that could be real, but I decided to try. They definitely delivered on that promise!

My percent body fat dropped from 33.3% to 26.7% and my fat body weight went from 25.6kg to 19.9kg.  I am looking forward to continuing improving my fitness.

Christina Fiacconi


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