Client Success Stories

Wendy McQueen-circle

I’ve done it all – Pump, spinning, step and others but the best by far has been the plate training. So much better than a gym workout and done in a shorter time. Feeling great with the best outcomes! Give it a try!!.

Wendy McQueen, Physiotherapis

michael roche

I have been training for two years and have noticed a huge difference in my health and wellbeing. I now have more strength and flexibility and enjoy the social interaction with those you train with regularly. Sessions are only 20 minutes and worth every cent.”

Michael Roche, Consultant and Company Directors

Beverley Whitelock

Gravity Zone has reinvigorated my interest in fitness. I look forward to my three weekly sessions and love that they are so flexible with my lifestyle goals. The positive reinforcement and variety in my workouts makes getting fitter and leaner an enjoyable experience.

Beverley Whitelock, 62 years old, New Farm Retiree

Bernadette Carter

I wanted to get back into fitness but did not want the traditional gym environment. At Gravity Zone, I work out in short bursts with high intensity and that has been really easy to maintain in my busy schedule. I have lost 10kg so far and my overall health and stress levels have improved dramatically. The short sessions are so easy to commit to and the food nights have taught me that healthy food does not need to be boring. Highly recommended!

Bernadette Carter, 31 years old, Superannuation Accountant

Anne Coady

I have been a member of Gravity Zone since 2016, training twice a week. The personalised, time effective and efficient training provided is amazing. I have achieved significant improvements in my core muscle strength, flexibility and balance. I love training at Gravity Zone and look forward to my sessions!

Anne Coady, Self Employed

Cheryle O'Neill

"It’s never too late to start

Having never been into exercise before and my doctor telling me I had “no muscle tone and I should do some resistance exercise”, it was Gravity Zone’s advertisement that told me I was just meant to ring them and I haven’t looked back since.

Committing to two days a week (although wishing work commitments would allow me to do more), my fitness levels just keep improving. No more afternoon “nanna naps” needed for me. Georgina and the trainers at Gravity Zone are so encouraging and make your workout so enjoyable you just cannot wait to get back for your next session with them.

Do it now for YOU. You will not regret it.

Cheryle O’Neill, 63 years old, Property Manager

Diane Gage

I have been going to Gravity Zone for the past year. I always have a yearly check up with my doctor and this year it included a bone density exam.

The results of the exam showed there was a slight improvement in my bone density levels at an age when (according to my doctor) most people’s levels are decreasing.

I know this is due to my training at Gravity Zone as this is the only thing I have changed this past year.

Diane Gage, 70 years old, Retired

Georgina Bishop

I am a busy mother of teenage children running my own business.  Finding time to exercise around work commitment and the children’s educational, sporting and social commitments was challenging.  Gravity Zone offers a fast and effective regime, with results that were rapid and clearly visible, with an input of 20 mins twice a week.  

Give it a try - you’ll see the results far outweigh the effort put in.


Georgina Bishop,  Management Rights

Jenni Mulligan

In August 2015, I approached Gravity Zone with the hope that they could help me rebuild my upper body strength which had diminished slowly but surely due many years of overworking, poor posture and several years of compensating for pain related to a frozen shoulder injury.

I was looking for a place that was personalised, flexible, effective, female friendly and affordable.  From the first consultation, it was obvious the approach to helping me achieve my goals would be both practical and holistic. I discovered a few essential facts in the initial consultation on food combinations and timings that I have integrated effortlessly into my routine, due to their practicality.

The 20 minute training sessions work perfectly with my busy schedule and the flexibility to work around my reactive schedule is fantastic.

Now, eight months later I’ve seen not only the return of vitality (I did not even know that I had lost!), tone and muscle, loss of body fat and a streamlining of my body in a natural and sustainable way. Additionally, the same small, positive, dedicated and caring team has been with Gravity Zone since I started which is a sure sign of the stability and integrity of the business.

I would recommend Gravity Zone without hesitation.

Jenni Mulligan, 50 years old, Company Director

Melissa Meagher

I was looking for a more personalised, time efficient exercise regime and found this and more with Gravity Zone. Along with the dynamic exercise sessions, I have really benefited from the holistic approach Georgina takes – incorporating diet, lifestyle and what you are wanting to achieve. There is a high level of support and caring, on a very personalised basis.

I have not only dramatically changed my body shape and fitness level, but also my mindset at to the quality of life I want to lead for myself and my children. Gravity Zone has definitely been the solution I was looking for.

Melissa Meagher, 43 years old, Financial Coach and Mother of 2

Neil McDougall

After suffering a stroke, I was left with reduced muscle strength, poor balance and reduced self confidence. Carrying out the most basic of daily activities had become increasingly difficult.
After only two months of training at Gravity Zone, I noticed great improvement in my stability. I can now easily lift myself out of a lounge chair and feel confident using stairs without assistance and/or hand rails..

Neil McDougall, 77 years old, Albany Creek Retiree

valarie ferdinands

I first came to Gravity Zone a couple of years ago wanting to feel stronger and fitter for an upcoming stint on MKR. I truly believe I would not have lasted the rigorous demands of the show had I not started at Gravity Zone. For the first time in many years I have trimmed down but more importantly I am feeling fitter and so much stronger. Gravity Zone offers an intense workout in a short period and Ruth couldn't be more accommodating with session times to suit me - she's really in this business for the right reasons. I would certainly recommend Gravity Zone studio for those of us who are time poor but want an intensive, tailored session that works all the muscle groups and leaves you sweating. The relaxed friendly atmosphere is also important to me – I love meeting the locals for a good chin wag. Thanks Ruth, keep up the good work.

Valerie Ferdinands, Self Employed

elisa haack

I joined Gravity Zone as a client when I was 60 years old and have not looked back. I have obtained a high level of fitness and strength and have had fun doing so! My chronic back problems have also disappeared. I am now enjoying life, pain free and loving it!

Elisa Haack, Business Owner (Vogelhaus)

tim morgan

Gravity Zone has been a part of my routine for 18 months to target my weight and back issues. I have found the sessions are quick and effective and ideal for me with my busy workload. I have lost weight and strengthened my core to relieve pain and pressure through my back. Ruth also has provided great massage relief when necessary to loosen my back from pain I experience with every day desk work. It has been a well worthwhile decision for me increasing my mobility and strength.

Tim Morgan, Architect

Marie Catherine Morgan

Since training at Gravity Zone, I have lost 6kg and feel more toned and energetic. Very time efficient, a great variety of exercises and excellent location! Try it, you will love it!

Marie-Catherine Morgan, Nurse

peter garner

I came, I tried, I stayed. I definitely think Ruth is keeping me going, giving me exercises that I needed to do but wasn't getting the benefit from by just walking daily. Sessions are always supervised and tailored to suit your condition (injuries etc). 20 minutes on the vibration machines keeps you fit, healthy and strong. Clients can keep themselves in condition, in a low key, friendly environment. Come and see for yourself, can you afford not to?

Peter Garner, Service Co-Ordinator

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