"Fantastic results in only 10 weeks!

As a mother with a very demanding job, the "20 minute express workout" advertised by Gravity Zone in a local magazine attracted my attention immediately. It was hard to believe that could be real, but I decided to try. They definitely delivered on that promise!

I found very knowledgeable, professional staff who answered all my questions. What I really love is the fact that the express workout is very specific to my needs. They know how much to push you and how to keep you interested and motivated. The range of exercises varies every time so it’s never the same. I felt I was improving in muscle strength and tone, but I was certainly not prepared to the surprise of my new measurements! My percent body fat dropped from 33.3% to 26.7% and my fat body weight went from 25.6kg to 19.9kg. I am looking forward to continuing improving my fitness and I would have no hesitation in recommending the whole body vibration training to anybody"

Cristina Fiacconi, 45 years old IT/software industry